Thursday, January 14, 2010

i wish i could be peaceful and good like you...

not particularly in the review mood, but i have seen several films over the past few weeks. the titles are listed below followed by my recommendation. some films may be out of the theatre's by this point as i'm really slow in doing this.


sherlock holmes -
action packed version of the classic characters. fun movie if not a little too long. but it is well acted. robery downey jr. makes a perfect holmes and jude law surprisingly does a fine job for the first time in a long time. the action would be lost on the small screen. see it.

up in the air -
fun romantic comedy with a twist. good acting. interesting storyline. see it.

me & orson welles -
well acted, zac efron wasn't brilliant, but it's worth seeing. rent it.

new york, i love you -
following the same concept as paris, je t'aime, several vignettes about love with various directors taking place in different sections of new york. loved it. see it.

youth in revolt -
i love michael cera and this was no exception. while still around teenage sex like a lot of his recent films this is a little bit of a more sophisticated(a little bit) version of that. i have yet to grow tired of his awkward characters. see it.

the private lives of pippa lee -
robin wright "penn" is always great in what she does but i find she always blends in as another hollywood blonde and i find myself thinking "she looks so familiar" but i can't place her. well this small independent film has solidified her in my mind from the rest of the nondescript hollywood blondes. this is a great tale of a woman's life. the choices she makes and the places they take her. robin wright penn was the perfect pippa lee. great supporting cast. see it.

crazy heart -
great little film about he music business. never read the book but now i want to. jeff bridges looks strikingly similar to kris kristofferson. maggie gyllenhaal plays her part simply and perfectly. the choice of colin farrell as a country singer threw me off a bit. but overall this was great. this is an intense film. great music. well done. see it.

award season is quickly approaching with the golden globes just around the corner and the academy awards right behind them. was hoping for some really great award films this year, i still have a few left to see that are up for awards but i am behind of course. i'd still like to see precious, an education, a single man, and maybe a few more...

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Jessie LeVasseur said...

I want to see Precious!!!