Friday, March 28, 2008

do you remember my hand.

been away from the theatre for a while. the academy awards came and went without a list of my picks(despite the fact that i saw most of the nominated films)

whether its been my lack of time or the seemingly uneventful releases i have been on theatre hiatus. although a few good rentals came my way, nothing struck up enough desire in me to share my thoughts, good or bad.

i should have written about the wonderful film noir i saw at the belcourt's (nashville's charming independent theatre) film noir festival. some i saw for the first time, and favorites like, billy wilder's, sunset boulevard, were a pleasure to see on the big screen. yes, those too i should have written about. but i didn't, and now i don't want to.

so hopefully something will strike me soon and hopefully this hiatus is drawing to a close and hopefully the nashville film festival next month brings some new favorites my way.

here's to hoping.