Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i was gonna listen to that, but then, um, i just carried on living my life.

being a lover of all things jason segel, especially of the how I met your mother variety, i had high hopes for his film, forgetting sarah marshall. knowing of course that this would not be Oscar worthy, but hoping it could be added to the list of "go-to comedies" such as; knocked-up and wedding crashers. even the rumour of jason's full frontal, though leaving me slightly apprehensive, couldn't keep me away. I wanted to know if the phrase "from the guys who brought you the 40-year-old virgin and knocked-up" could regain its meaning after the less than enjoyable dewey cox.

well, in my opinion, he did it. the story is not unique, but it does; boy loses girl, boy finds new girl, old girl wants boy back, so well.

jason plays peter bretter, a composer for popular tv show “crime scene” that spoofs csi. but, he is better known for dating the shows star, sarah marshall, played by kristen bell of veronica mars. when sarah dumps him after 5 years for the sleazy british singer aldous snow, peter’s seemingly perfect world falls apart.

peter, amidst a possible nervous breakdown turns in to a one-night-stand machine. this opens the door for a laugh-out-loud montage of awkward sexual encounters, my favorite of which is the “hi” girl. when this method of healing seems to fail, peter decides a trip to hawaii and a stay at a place sarah always raved about might just fix him. peter’s highly opinionated half-brother brian, played by bill hader, thinks heading to a place that will likely remind him of sarah is a bad move. and he was right.

in comedy world something is bound to go wrong, and it does. peter arrives, with no hotel reservation, hoping to get lucky. in the midst of finding out the only room available is a $6000 a night suite, sarah emerges arm-in-arm with new beau, aldous. the helpful rachel behind the counter played by that 70s show’s, mila kunis, sensing the bad situation offers him a free stay in the luxury suite.

what ensues is a depressed and slightly psychotic peter stalking his ex and “crying like a girl” in his room. it doesn’t help that aldous is overly friendly and accommodating, making it almost impossible for peter to hate him, other than the small fact that he’s sleeping with the love of his life.

peter, trying to make the best of the bad situation, befriends the cute rachel, who unlike sarah is supportive and intrigued by peter’s dreams and goals of moving past composing for a cheesy tv show to finish his dracula rock opera. while peter is busy falling hard for rachel, sarah is busy regretting her break-up. awkward double-date dinners and sexual encounters with his ex complicate the situation.

forgetting sarah marshall doesn’t skip a beat. segel’s writing fulfills my hopes and leaves me anticipating what he will do next. in addition to the script, he wrote all the music for the rock opera, which was hilarious perfection. five thumbs up to jason segel for adding forgetting sarah marshall to my “go-to comedies”

notable mentions:

30 rock’s jack mcbrayer is incredible as the sexually challenged newlywed, darald

and I can’t forget the classic video chat moments between peter, half-brother brian, and sister in-law liz.

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