Monday, February 4, 2008

it all started with a chair.

my favorites of 2007

(in no particular order. it's long. 2007 was a good year for film.)

charming. funny. clever. quirky. fresh. it made me want pie(and I don’t even like pie).
knocked up:
so funny. seth rogen and paul rudd are a match made in heaven.
i would have loved to see this at a drive-in. this was such a cool idea. rodriguez and tarantino did a fantastic job. the fake trailers were hilarious.
eagle vs shark:
loved it. awkward love is the best love.
the hottest state:
one of my favorite novels lived up to itself on the big screen. the soundtrack is wonderful.
charlie bartlett:
so much fun. anton yelchin is fantastic. i can’t wait to see more of him. i left the theatre smiling.
2 days in paris:
julie delpy participated in practically every aspect of the film. wrote, directed, edited, produced, starred in, she even did the music. what can’t she do? a dysfunctional relationship at its finest.
my best friend(mon meilleur ami):
sweet. sad. and so funny. an interesting look at friendship.
the darjeeling limited:
wes anderson makes me smile. i always love the look of his films. the colors are perfect. the music is delightful. it made me want to go on a “spiritual quest” with my sisters.
3:10 to yuma:
christian bale was great as always. i love westerns and i loved this.
no country for old men:
the best thing from the cohen brothers in a while. javier barden is chilling. my stomach was in knots the entire time. brilliant.
perfection. a fresh, original comedy. The music was superb and matched the quirkiness of the film and its characters. ellen page’s cynical, sarcastic juno is fantastic. michael cera stole my heart. I am so excited at all the nominations it received.
margot at the wedding:
noah baumbach is a master at showcasing dysfunctional families. his filmmaking so is honest and real, which makes it hard to watch sometimes. It leaves you feeling uneasy and exhausted like every cunning remark, memory, and laugh is somehow a part of you.
so simple. so unassuming. such lovely music. it pulled me in and left me wanting more.
there will be blood:
reference previous blog.

honorable mentions:
superbad, reign over me, charlie wilson’s war, in the land of women, the number 23, the orphanage, zodiac and i’m not there(both 30 minutes too long).

the ones i wish i saw:
lars and the real girl, bella, the assassination of jesse james by that coward robert ford, before the devil knows you’re dead, gone baby gone, interview, rocket science, sweeny todd, wristcutters: a love story, youth without youth