Friday, October 3, 2008

speak english!

woody allen. thank you thank you thank you for another poignant expression of human nature. vicky cristina barcelona was a pleasure to watch and a reminder of how well mr. allen is at creating a realness to his fiction.

the film follows two american tourists and best friends, vicky (played by rebecca hall) and cristina (played by scarlett johansson) on a summer long journey in spain. the trip and their lives take an unexpected turn when a chance encounter with a seductive spainard, juan antonio (played perfectly by javier bardem) opens their eyes.

the film takes us on a beautifully shot walk thru barcelona as these characters encounter and expereince life in a: fresh and whimsical, humorus and heartbreaking, honest and sexy, playful and innocent way.

johansson truly shines in this film, reminding me of why i fell in love with her in the first place. this is arguably one her best cinematic moments since lost in translation. she plays the free thinking, open-minded cristina which such carefree charm. her performance is nothing if not strengthened by a remarkable cast. hall is wonderful with her neruotic and uptight portrayal of vicky. patricia clarkson is humorus as (vicky's distant relative judy nash) who tries to live vicariously thru her. bardem couldn't have been more perfect as the, charming, witty, intelligent, straight-forward, unconventional, juan antonio. and rounding out this talented ensembled is penelope cruz (juan antionio's firey ex-wife maria elena), reminding us that she is utterly remarkable, in her native tounge.

every aspect of the film comes together, from story, to direction, to cinematograpy, to pacing, to music, to talent and creates a wonderful cinematic experience.

thanks to woody allen for this refreshing summer film. what a great way to end a season.

this has been my best day ever.

i've seen some good stuff since the last forever ago post. but i have been super busy and haven't had the time to comment. i definitely haven't seen enough though, need to make more time for theatre visits.

i enjoyed: the dark knight, son of rambow, american teen, and probably other i'm forgetting to mention. oh well.